HSSC PGT TGT English Paper – Literature Portion – Mock Test

Haryana Staff Selection has invited applications for various teaching posts for Govt Schools in the state. There are PGTs and TGTs posts in various subjects. There are many PGT English Posts and TGT English Posts.

The candidates who have applied for Post Graduate Posts and Trained Graduate Posts from English Subjects must be searching Practice Papers for Mock Test for the Written Examination that may take place in December.

The syllabus of the exam is not provided so far. But it is sure that there shall be a lot of from Literature Portion besides a no of Questions from Grammar and Vocabulary. Here in this blog we are providing you some of questions from English Literature.

Check PGT English and TGT English Important Questions from literature along with solution at the end of the paper-

Q 1. When did TS Eliot write The Waste Land ?

Q  2. Who has Written Hollow Men ?

Q 3 In which novel does the Character of Dr Aziz appear ?

Q 4 For which novel did Nayantara Sahgal win Sahitya Academy Award ?

Ques. 5 – The Bachelor of Arts is a work of –

Q 6 – The Serpent and the Rope is written by –

Q 7 – ” He drank the cup”. Which figure of device is used here ?

English Paper – Literature Portion

Q 8 – Look Back in Anger is written by –

Q 9 – Which of the figurative device is used in the following line ?

      In the end he got the Crown.

Q 10 – When we say He breathed his last, which figurative device are we using ?

11. In which language did Chaucer write ?

12. Going, Going is a poem by –

Q 13. Metaphysical is chiefly associated with –

Q 14 . Who is known as the pioneer of Romantic Age ?

Q 15 . To whom do we know as the Greatest bard of English Literature ?

Q. 16. Joan of Arc was burned in the year –

Q. 17. The last play of Shakespeare is –

18. The last tragedy of Shakespeare is –

19. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write ?

20. Heywood was famous for –

Solution –

1. In 1922. 2.  TS Eliot 3.  Passage to India 4. Rich Like Us ( 1985 ) 5. R.K Narayan 6.  Raja Rao 7. Synecdoche  8. John Osborne 9. Metonymy 10. Euphemism 11. Middle English 12. Nissim Ezekiel 13. John Donne 14. William Wordsworth 15. William Shakespeare 16. 1431 17. Henry VIII 18. Coriolanus 19. 154 20. Interludes

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