HSSC PGT English Paper – Mewat Region 8th March Answer key

This paper for HSSC PGT English Subject took place a few days ago. This paper was for Mewat Region. Now the candidates for Non-Mewat Region are searching for this Question Paper so that they may have some idea of the 27th March PGT Exam.

From this Mewat Region PGT English Paper, the candidates will come to know the nature of questions which are expected to come in the upcoming exam on 27/03/2016. This paper is being published just to give you the idea of the exam. We shall complete the paper with the answers later. The Answer key shall be uploaded later. Thanks.

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Haryana PGT English Question Paper for Mewat-region –

Q. 1. Who was the father of Poetry in English Literature ?

Q. 2. Who restored Roman Catholicism in England ?

Q. 3. Spenser has been hailed as ” the poet’s poet” by –

Q. 4. ” Renaissance was the manifestation of new life, an outburst of virtuous floridity after the cramping restraints and withering asceticism of the middle ages.”

Q. 6. I may assert eternal providence,

And justify the ways of God to men …. is taken from –

Q. 7. Who called Milton ” God Gifted organ voice of England and the mighty mouthed inventor of harmonies ” ?

Q. 8. ST Boronet’s Works in correct Chronological sequence –

Q. 10. Dryden in the second part of Absalom and Achitophel satirically caricatured Thomas Shadwell and Elkanah Settlre as ..

Q. 11. Ventidius is a character in …

Q. 12. Identify the critic who described the Restoration Comedy as artificial ?

a.  Dryden b. Charles Lamb c.Matthew Arnold d. Dr Johnson

Q. 13. Identify the critic who calls the 18th century an age of prose and reason.

a. George Saintsbury b. John Ruskin c. WH Hudson d. Matthew Arnold

Q. 14. A little learning is a dangerous thing – this oft-quoted line is extracted from –

Q. 15. What is meant by the Churchyard school of poets ?

Q. 16. The following motto was adopted for ” whatever men do, or say, or think, or dream, our mottey paper seizes for its theme.

HSSC PGT English Question Paper with Solution for Mewat-region –

Q. 17. Who defines Romanticism as the Renaissance of wonder ?

Q. 18. Wordsworth accepted the Poet Laureateship after the death of Robert Southey in —

Q. 19. Coleridge’s aim in the Lyrical Ballads was –

Q. 20. Which of the following works has been called the Magna Carta of Romanticism ?

a. Biographia Literaria b. Lyrical Ballads c. Defence of Poetry d. The Spirit of the Age

Q. 21. The Second Reform Bill, which extended the franchise was passed in

Q. 22. Tennyson’s The Princess deals with the theme of –

Q. 23. Who is remembered for his translation of the famous Persian work of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam in 1859 ?

Q. 24. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in –

Q. 25. Name the Indian Poet, mystic and philosopher, who influenced W.B. Yeats ?

Q. 26. DH Lawrence called one of his novels ” thought adventure”. Identify the novel –

Q. 27.Paul Morel appears in –

Q. 28. The character of Leopold and Mrs Bloom appear in –

Q. 29. Who organized the four musketeers of the Oxford Movement ?

Q. 30. Identify the pioneers of the Apocalyptic Movement who edited the New Apocalypse ( 1940) and The White Horseman ( 1941).

Important Note – Besides there were Four or five questions related with Grammar and Vocab. In all there were 35 or 36 questions from English Literature and Grammar and Vocab. Around 15 and 10 Questions were there from Haryana GK and Maths respectively. Rest of the 20 Questions were from Hindi, GK and Reasoning.

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