HSSC (Haryana) Clerk Practice Paper/ Set with Solution – Imp Questions

Though students are confused over the exam dates or rumors related with it, they must focus on their exam preparation. In a way it is good for all the candidates that exam date is not announced. It has provided them opportunity to undergo more and more practice for the same. The competition is very hard owing to a huge no of candidates.

So more you do hard work, the more shall be the chances for you to get in to the cut off list. Therefore, considering your demand, we have tried to prepare a Practice set for you. This is a Sample Paper consisting 20 questions from all the subjects. We have also provided the solution at the end of the Article. So get ready to solve HSSC Clerk Exam Practice Set.

Haryana Clerk Exam Model Paper – Total Questions – 20

Q. 1. Where is the Tomb of Rajia Begham ( रजिया बेगम का मकबरा ) located ?

Q. 2. Who is the writer of  Amarsen Charitra ?

Q. 3. Which sportsperson won the Silver Medal in Rio Paralympic 2016 ?

Q. 4. When did CDLU come in to existence ?

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Q. 5. Between which two rulers did the Battle of Plassey take place ?

Q. 6. Titan, the biggest natural satellite belongs to ?

Q. 7. Where was the First Cotton Mill of India set up ?

Q. 8. What is the percentage of Nitrogen in the air ?

General Knowledge and current affairs

Q. 9. 10 years ago, Reeta’s mother was 4 times older than her daughter. After 10 years, the mother will be twice older than the daughter. What is the present age of Reeta ?

Q. 10. John sold a horse at a loss of 7%. Had he been able to sell it at a gain of 9%, it would have fetched Rs 64 more than it did. What was the cost price ?

Q. 11. A sum of money doubles itself in 7 years. In how many years will it become fourfold ?

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Q. 12. The code of MATTER is TAMRET, what shall be the code of BEYOND ?

Q. 13. Indicating towards Lucy, John says , ” I’m the only son of her mother’s son. ” What is Lucy to John ?

Reasoning Practice

Q. 14. Correct the following sentence – Diwali celebrates with pomp and show 20 days after Dussehra.

Q. 15. The teacher took the test of English in the first period.

Q. 16. What is the one word for the following phrase – One who helps the needy and the helpless

English Practice Papers

Q. 17. एकैक में कौन सी संधि है ?

Q. 18. नाक का बाल बाल होने का  मतलब  है –

Q. 19. मधुर मधुर मेरे दीपक जल में कौन  सा अलंकार है ?

Hindi Practice Papers

Q. 20. Where had SAARC 2016 which has been postponed to take place ?

Answers /Solutions-

1. Kaithal 2. Manikya Raj (माणिक्य राज ) 3. Deepa Malik 4. on 5th April 2003 5. The English and Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah 6. Saturn 7. Surat 8. 78% 9. 20 years 10. Rs 400/- 11. 21 years 12. YEBDNO 13. Aunt 14. Aunt 15. The teacher gave … 16. Samaritan 17. वृद्धि स्वर संधि 18. बहुत प्रिय होना 19. पुनरुक्ति 20. Islamabad

Solution – Q. 9. Daughter’s age = 10 ( 4-1) + 10 ( 2-1)  and divided by 4-2. Hence the answer is – 20 yrs Q. 10. 64 * 100 and divided by 9- (-7). 64 *100/16 = Rs 400 Q. 11. Rate of Interest = 100( 2-1) /7 = 100/7, Time = 100 ( 4-1)/100/7 = 21 years

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