William Wordsworth - Life and Literary Works

Words Wordsworth - A Great Romantic and Nature Poet  -

William Wordsworth - Life and Literary WorksFor a student of English Literature, William Wordsworth is a very big name. He is considered to be one of the greatest poets in the history of English Literature. His importance can be realized from the fact that he is placed next to Milton and Shakespeare.

William Wordsworth was born in 1770 at Cumberland in the Lake District. His father was John Wordsworth and Mother was Anne Cookson Wordsworth. He married Mary Hutchinson. In 1839, W.W was honoured with the degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Oxford University and in 1843 he became the Poet Laureate.

Literary Works of William Wordsworth -

William Wordsworth was a great poet of nature. Nature and its objects are reflected in many of his works. Below are given great poems written by him -

His remarkable lyrics are included in two volumes called The Solitary Reaper, The Greek Linnet, I wandered lonely as a Cloud. He wrote many poems in philosophical strains. These poems are - Ode on Intimation of Immortality, Resolution and Independence, Ode to Duty.

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Other Poems of Wordsworth are - Tintern Abbey ( 1798), The Sparrow's Nest ( 1801), My Heart Leaps Up ( 1802), To the Cuckoo ( 1804), The Affliction of Margaret ( 1804), Stanzas Suggested by a Picture of Peele Castle ( 1805), Character of the Happy Warrior ( 1806), Laodamia ( 1814) and Michael ( 1814).

Wordsworth's Sonnets -

Wordsworth wrote in Petrarchian Vogue. In a way it is he who had revived this fashion of Sonnet writing. The Sonnets by William Wordsworth fall in to six groups -

Political Sonnets - Total Sonnets - 69. All these sonnets were grouped together among Poems Dedicated to National Independence and Liberty.

Miscellaneous Sonnets - Total - 120

Sonnets on the River Duddon - Total Sonnets - 34

Ecclesiastical Sonnets - 132

Sonnets of Scottish Life - Inspired by Wordsworth visit to Scotland

The Sixth Group  - Memorials of a tour to Italy

Some Memorable Sonnets of Wordsworth are - It is a beauteous evening, The World is too much with us, West Minster Bridge, London, To Milton etc.

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