Matthew Arnold – Life, Literary Works, Famous Quotes

Matthew Arnold is considered a very powerful voice of Victorian Times. He relentlessly exposed Victorian hypocrisy, complacence and indifference. He did not like the notion of Victorian Compromise. His works as a critic, his poetry and his prose-writings breathe a

William Wordsworth – Life and Literary Works

Words Wordsworth – A Great Romantic and Nature Poet  – For a student of English Literature, William Wordsworth is a very big name. We consider him to be one of the greatest poets in the history of English Literature. His

John Keats – Life & Important Literary Works

John Keats was a great English Poet who had carved a special niche for himself in a very short span of life. He was born on 31st of October 195 at Finsbury, London. His father was Thomas Keats and mother,

William Shakespeare – Life and Works for Upcoming Exams

William Shakespeare has always been a very important topic for the Examinees of UGC English NET and Lecturer Recruitment Related exams. He has produced great literary work for the coming generation to read and enjoy. His works include Plays, Drama,