HBSE The Last Lesson – Character-sketch of Little Franz

HBSE / CBSE 12th class Learn Character-sketch of Little Franz from The Last Lesson

Q. Write a character-sketch of Franz.

Ans.– “The Last Lesson” by Alphonse Daudet  talks about the year 1870 when the Prussian forces under Bismarch attacked and captured two districts of France. This story shows the value of a mother tongue. A mother tongue can never bee replaced by any other language.

In this story Franz is the narrator. He talks about the time. That day, he was afraid of going to school as he was given the rules of ‘Participles’ by Mr. M. Hamel and he didn’t know them.

The day was sunny. He wanted to enjoy beauty of nature. He was enchanted ( attracted ) by – bright sunshine, the birds’ chirping in the woods. Franz wanted to see Prussians soldiers who were drilling ( Practicing ) in the open field back of the sawmill.

But he controlled his emotions and ran towards his school. On the way, Franz saw a big crowd in front of bulletin board ( notice board ). So far people were getting all bad news ( related with war ). He thought,” What can be the matter now ?”.

Character-sketch of Little Franz – The Last Lesson

There was a great change in the school that day. Instead of ( in place of ) usual ( common ) noise of opening and closing of desks, students revising their home-work, noise of teacher‘s ruler being happened on the table, everything there was very silent.

M. Hamel was in his special dress, the dress he never wore except on inspection and prize days. He was much amazed to see the villagers sitting at the last benches. They thanked the teacher for his self-less 40 years service.

Now, Franz came to know everything behind that change. German language was replacing their mother tongue. Though he did not like studies, French language had become his intimate ( close ) friend. But that was the last day of the teacher in the class-room. It was has “Last French Lesson”.

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