Very Short Questions from The Last Lesson

Prepare very short questions ( objective type ) from the book of 12th class ( Flamingo ) by Alphonse Daudet – Based on NCERT- For HBSE, CBSE and other Boards

Short Questions from Indigo

Objective Type Questions from the poem My Mother at 66

We are preparing very short questions with answers from the 1st lesson. We are using simple English language.

The Last Lesson

Q. Who is the author of the story ” The Last Lesson” ?

Answer – Alphonse Daudet

Q. What is the life term of the writer ?

Answer – He was born in 1840 and died in 1897

Q. Which country does the writer belong to ?

Answer – The writer belongs to France.

Q. Which war does the writer mention in the story ?

Answer – The Franco- Prussian war ( 1870-1871 )

Q. Which country was defeated in the war ?

Answer – France

Q. Who led Prussia ?

Answer – Bismarch

Q. Prussia then consisted of ……..

Answer – Germany, Poland and parts of Austria

Q. Who is the student and the teacher ?

Answer – Student – Franz, Teacher – Mr. M. Hamel

Q. Which two French districts fell into the hands of Prussia ?

Answer – Alsace and Lorraine

Q. Where were the Prussian soldiers drilling ?

Answer – In the open field back of sawmill.

Q. Which language had to be taught from the next day ?

Answer – German

Q. Where did the French get all information of the war ?

Answer – Bulletin- board

Q. Whom does the narrator ( Franz ) meet on his way to school ?

Answer – The blacksmith, Wachter, along with his apprentice.

Q. Who was there in the classroom ?

Answer – Village people – Hauser, the former postmaster etc.

Q. What was the teacher wearing that day ?

Answer – Beautiful green coat, frilled shirt and the little black silk cap, all embroidered

Q. When did he wear those clothes ?

Answer – During inspection day.

Q. Which birds are mentioned in the story ?

Answer – The pigeons

Q. Which language does M. Hamel talk about ?

Answer – French

Q. Of which subject was the teacher giving the last lesson ?

Answer – The French Language

Q. What were the last words written on the blackboard ?

Answer – Viva La Franca ! ( Long Live France ! )

For very short questions/ Objective type questions keep coming on this page. These questions can be translated into MCQs.

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