35 Plus Foreign Words Phrases Expressions in English Language

There is a lot of foreign stuff, especially the vocabulary, used in the English Language. This stuff has become the part and parcel of this language. Being digestive, it can easily absorb the vocabulary from the foreign languages.

Moreover, it is very important for the English Language Learner to learn and use the words, phrases and Expressions in their day-to-day interaction. They are also important for the students as they come in various competitive exams by IBPS, SSC.

Here we are preparing a list of some very important Foreign Words. So we advise you to read and prepare these words from this list and use them wherever it is necessary.

35 Important Foreign Words and Expressions for use in the English Language

1. Ab initio – From the beginning

2. Ad hoc – Extempore, For the special purpose

3. Alma Mater – mother institution ( school, College, university) a person attended

4. Apropos – ( French Expression) with reference to

5. Alibi – False excuse for absence, a piece of evidence ( generally false) that one was elsewhere when the act took place

6. Alter Ego – A bosom friend

7. Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end

8. Alias – Nick Name ( Johnson alias Jonny )

9. Ad infinitum – Forever, For ending period

10. Bon voyage – French Expression – Good Journey

11. Bona Fide – Genuine, Sincere

12. Bonhomie – Friendliness, Sociability

Thirty Five + Daily Use/ Important Foreign Words/ Expressions

13. Bourgeoisie – The middle class

14. Bete Noire – pet hate, a thing/person of disliking

15. Communique – Official Communication/ Information

16. Coiffeur – A hairdresser

17. Cuisine – Style of Cooking

18. Detour – Roundabout route

19. De jure – Legally, As per the law

20. De facto – Real / Actual

21. Deja vu – French Expression – Already seen/ felt

22. Denouement – Finale / Final part of a play

23. en bloc – Together/ In a group

24. ex gratia – Done with a sense of moral obligation, favor

25. Gratis – Free of cost, without charge

26. Leitmotif – A recurrent/repeated theme

27. Mutatis Mutandis – Making necessary changes

28. Potpourri – Mixture/ Collection/ Medley

29. Quid pro quo – Tit for tat

30. Status Quo – Existing state of affairs

31. Per se – by or in itself, naturally

32. Sobriquet – Nickname

33. Suo Moto – Latin Expression – On its own motion/ Act on its own initiative

34. Vendetta – Blood Feud,  Quarrel  between two families for vengeance.

35. Vis-a-vis – In relation to, Face to face

36. Plogging – Combination of Jogging with picking up litter ( from Swedish word plocka upp ) – very popular word in India now.

37. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – wonderful, beautiful

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