Very Short Questions from Landscape of the Soul

Objective Type Questions of 11th Class from the essay ” Landscape of the Soul ” by ” Nathalie Trouveroy ” – For HBSE/ CBSE students from the book ” Hornbill ” –

Q. Who is the writer of the piece/ essay ” Landscape of the Soul ” ?

Answer – Nathalie Trouveroy

Q. Who is the painter of eighth century ?

Answer – His name was Wu Daozi

Q. Who was the king that time ?

Answer – Xuanzong

Q. What was there in the painting ?

Answer – Forests, high mountains, waterfalls, clouds, men on hilly paths, birds in flight and a cave.

Q. According to the painter, who lived in the cave ?

Answer – A spirit

Q. What happened when he clapped his hands ?

Answer – The mouth of the cave opened.

Q. What happened to the painting in the end ?

Answer – The painting along with the wall disappeared

Q. From which country has the story taken ?

Answer – China

Q. Which two arts have been compared in this piece ?

Answer – Chinese Art ( Asian Art ) and European Art

Q. What is the name of the blacksmith ?

Answer – Quinten Metsys

Q. Which century and country does he belong to ?

Answer – Fifteenth century Antwerp

Objective Type Questions from Landscape of the Soul

Q. What is the meaning of Dao ?

Answer – It means path or method

Q. What is the meaning of the term Landscape ?

Answer – Mountain-water or in Chinese it means shanshui

Q.  Name the book from which this chapter is taken.

Answer – Landscape of the Soul : Ethics and Spirituality in Chinese Painting

Q. When and who had mooted the concept of ‘ art brut ‘ ?

Answer – Jean Dubuffet in the 1940s.

Q. Which country does Jean Dubuffet belong to ?

Answer – France

Q. What is the 2nd name of art brut ?

Answer – Outsider Art

Q. Who was the originator of Outsider Art in India ?

Answer – Nek Chand

Q. What is his creation ?

Answer – The Rock Garden in Chandigarh

Q. Name the magazine in which his photograph and his Rock Garden sculpture ” Women by the Waterfall ” published –

Answer – Spring 2005 ( 50th issue of Raw Vision )

Q. Which country does this magazine belong to ?

Answer – UK ( United Kingdom )

Q. In which newspaper was this article published ?

Answer – The Hindustan Times ( 28th Aug 2005 )

Q. Who was the writer of this article ?

Answer – Brinda Suri

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These questions are very important for exams.

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