MP Forest Guard Jail Prahari English Question Paper with Syllabus Answers

MP Vyapam will hold the recruitment exams for Forest Guard and Jail Prahari Posts in July/ August 2017. The Test shall contain four subjects – General Knowledge, General Hindi, English, Math and Gen Science. You can check the GK Question Paper from here. Below, we are publishing English paper for the examinees. But before that you must check the Complete syllabus of English Portion.

Forest Guard / Jail Prahari Exam English Syllabus –

The English portion shall contain the following topics –

Common Errors, Fill in the Blanks, Vocabulary ( Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution etc), Spelling Test, Improvement of Sentences, Voice, Narration, Tense, Comprehension, etc. For Complete English Material visit our website.

Now check your English Practice –

English Question Paper

Total Questions – 20

Q. 1 to 2 Find the synonyms of the following words from the alternatives given ahead –

Q. 1. Tempo –

a. slow movement b. rapidity of movement c. under active consideration d. vehicle for conveyance

Q. 2. Fiat

a. surrender b. command c. mistake d. defiance

Q. 3. Find the opposite word


a. repugnant b. odious c. affectionate d. detestable

Q. 4 One Word Substitution –

Violating of sanctity of religious places /objects –

a. sacrilege b. regalia c. soporific d. soliloquy

Find the correct meaning of the idiom ( Question 5 and 6) :

Q. 5 Merry as a cricket

a. to enjoy the game of cricket b. to dance and sing c. to be carefree d. to be extremely cheerful

Q. 6. To rise like a Phoenix

a. to rise with a new life b. to resemble a Phoenician c. to rise with anger d. to get up with a start

Q.  Correct the following sentences – ( Q 7 to 9)

Q. 7 The council a/ is consisted b/ of seven members c/ No Error d/.

Q. 8. The meeting broke through a/ at midnight b/ and we all went home c/ No Error d.

Q. 9. I must go a/ there is b/ no help for it c/ No Error d.

Q. Fill in the blanks with one of the four alternatives –

10. Kinjal smiled …………my words.

a. over b. at c. on d. upon

MP Vyapam English Sample Paper with Answer and Syllabus

Q. 11. John will not succeed …………he works hard.

a. unless b. until c. in case d. if

Q. 12. Before sowing the seeds, the farmers ………..their fields .

a. harvest b. turn c. reap d. plough

Q. 13. After he …………..the award, he …………. to home.

a. received, had gone b. receiving, went c. had received, went d. received, had gone

Q. Change the voice of the following sentences –

14. I was asked to go.

15. She is being treated badly.

16. Work should be done.

Change the Narration of the following sentences –

17. She said,” How stupid you are !”

18. She said to me,” How is your family ?

19. I said to him,” OK, I will help you .”

20. Correct the following sentence – Help me, do you ?

English Paper Answers -1. b 2. b 3. c 4. a 5. d 6. a 7. b ( consists of ) 8. a ( broke up ) 9. d 10. at 11. a 12. d 13. c 14. They asked me to go. 15 They ( People) are treating her badly. 16. One should do one’s work. 17. She exclaimed with wonder that you were very stupid. 18. She asked me how my family was. 19. I told him that I would help him. 20.. Help me, will you ? Or Help me, won’t you ?

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