CAT English Sample Paper – MBA Entrance Mock Paper 1

CAT/SSC/IBPS Clerk PO/ MBA Entrance Exam English Paper – Set 1

The Notification for the CAT Admission is out every year and the candidates who apply for it must have initiated the preparation for it. This year more than 2 lakh candidates have got themselves enrolled for Common Entrance Test for getting admission to PG Degree in any of the most prestigious B – schools.

The no of applicants is far more than the previous years’ enrollment. So harder competition ahead. students’ craze has increased amazingly for Management Courses for the last Couple of years.

Thanks to the receding waves of recession and magnetic packages the management Students are getting in the reputed firms in the country and  abroad. Therefore the aspirants are leaving no stone unturned to lure this CAT. But this CAT can’t be tamed so easily.

So the Consistent hard work and constant practice is the key to success in this one of the most prestigious exams of the country. Here in order to help you providing CAT English Paper 1. WE will keep providing you Practice Sets of English, Reasoning, General Knowledge and Awareness and Mathematical Aptitude.

English Paper for CAT 2019-2020 and other Management Tests along with SSC and Banking

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer –

If I had been asked in my early youth whether I preferred to have dealings only with men or only with books, my answer would certainly have been in favor of books. In later years this has become less and less. Not that I have had so much better experiences with men than with books, on the contrary delightful books even now come my way more often than purely delightful men. But the many bad experiences with men have nourished the meadow of my life as the noblest book could not do.

Question 1 –  The author says that in later years his love of books diminished because –

a. he had better experiences with men than with the books.

b. even the bad experiences he had with men were more valuable than what the noblest books could give

c. he did not get many delightful books to read.

d. he had given up the habits of reading books.

Question 2 – Which one of the pairs of the phrases best helps to bring out the metaphorical meaning of the meadow of my life ?

a. Pure and healthy life

b. Vast and rich life

c. Poor but simple life

d. Well nourished but dull life

Question 3- In his early youth, the author

a. liked to have more dealings with books than with men

b. liked to have more dealings with men than with books

c. preferred to have dealings only with books

d. liked to have dealings more with men than with books

Questions 4. Which one of the following statements best reflects the main arguments of the passage ?

a. Books are always better than men

b. There are more purely delightful men than purely delightful books

c. Neither men nor books give any worth while experience

d.It is the experience with other human beings that nourishes one’s life and not necessarily books


5. Nauseating –

a. Repugnant b. magical c. fascinating d. tantalizing

6. Obese –

a. Delicate b. lean c. corpulent d. adroit

7. Vindication –

a. defamation b. aspersion c. commendation d. calumny

8. Cavity –

a. aperture b. elevation c. mound d. projection

9. Circumlocution –

a. brevity b. compression c. verbosity d. terseness

10. Deride –

a. jeer b. stimulate c. encourage d. comfort

Antonyms –

11. Uncouth –

a. elegant b. shapely c. inelegant d. distinguished

12. Offense –

a. Umbrage b. goodwill c. resentment d. dissatisfaction

13. Venom –

a. malevolence b. rancor c. antidote d. poison

14. Chivalry –

a. Prowess b. Valor c. heroism d. unmanliness

15. Vagrant

a. Stationary b. wanderer c. roving d. roaming

Learn more Synonyms and Antonyms from here

Cloze Test –

Read the Passage and Fill the blanks with the right option out of four given at the end of it –

Come October and you are burnt by the mid-day Sun. The Storm and the sizzle is particularly —–16——- as it comes after the relatively cool monsoon months. Though it is hot and muggy, that does not ——17—— people from coming out on the streets to —–18——- the traditional festivals. And it must be shopping time also, colorfully decorated showrooms are ——19——– the passerby to let his hair down, splurge and take a ——20——- of gifts home for the family. After all, the New Year’s just —–21——the corner.

16. a traumatic b. sultry c. pleasant d. fantastic

17. a. oppose b. deny c. prevent d. reject

18. a. boycott b. moot c. pursuing d. exhorting

19. a. drawing b. fascinating c. pursuing d. exhorting

20. a. token b. list c. bagful d. placement

21. a. round b. at c. near d. along

Correct the following sentences –

22. Every man  and boy (a)/ is busy (b) / with their work ( c) / No Error (d)

23. Many a student (a)/ has failed in the English Test (b)/ but Joseph has scored 100 per cent (c)/ No Error (d)

24. The simplest method (a)/ of welding two pieces of metal together (b)/is known as pressure welding (c)/ No Error (d)

25. As soon as I shall reach Mumbai (a)/I shall send you money (b)/you have asked for (c)/ No Error (d)

One Word Substitution –

26. Use of mild words in place of words required by truth

27. What do we call a Science of human beauty ?

28. Change of voice of the following sentence –

People know that some girls grow wise early.

29. I was displeased with her.

30. Change the narration –

He said,” Let it be a square .”

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Check English Solution of the Paper Above –

1. b 2. a 3. a 4. d 5. a 6. c 7. c 8. a 9. c 10. a 11. a 12. b 13. c 14. d 15. a 16. b 17. c 18. c 19. d 20. c 21. a 22. c ( replace their with his ) 23. c ( full marks in place of 100 per cent ) 24. b ( together is superfluous ) 25. a ( remove shall ) 26. euphemism 27. Kalology 28. Some girls are known to grow wise early. 29. She displeased me 30. He supposed that to be a square.

You shall be able to check the answers of the given question very soon. In the meantime use your mind and wait for another set of English Paper for CAT and other Management Entrance Tests along with the solution of this paper.


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