English Paper for IBPS PO, Clerk, SSC Exams

There is the flood of the Recruitment Exams these days. There are jobs in Banking Sectors, Govt Sectors and Private Sectors. You will find fixed selection criteria for all these jobs – Written Exam followed by Interview.

The banking sector exams are almost conducted by IBPS whereas Govt sector Job Exams are held by Staff selection Commission. Whether it be a Banking Sector Exam or non-banking Sector exam, English plays an important role.

The candidates who are preparing for these Exams are in constant search of English Test Paper that can give them an ample practice. Here we are making efforts to bring to you a no of Series of English Short Questions with each 25 in Numbers. Here is your first English Practice Paper. Answers are given below –

Correct the Following Sentences –

1.Mr Sharma with his wife and children were present in the Party.

2. He is one of the Persons who is always late for the office.

3. Many a student are absent from the class today.

4. The teacher asked to students that if they had seen the zoo.

5. She requested to me to please help her in her task.

Cloze Test

When I go into stranger’s library I —-1—- round the bookshelves. This is to know the type of person he is and I feel that I know the —-2—– to his mind.

A house without books is a —-3—– house, no matter how rich the carpets are. These only tell you whether he —-4—– a lot of money, but the books tell you whether he has a mind as well. It is not a —–5—— of money that we do not buy books.

Q. 6.

a. Wonder

b. look

c. run

d. wander

Q. 7.

a. mystery

b. secret

c. key

d. solution

Q. 8.

a. unlucky

b. bleak

c. bad

d. none of these

Q. 9

a. has

b. had

c. have

d. has had

Q. 10.

a. question

b. issue

d. cause

c. reason

Synonyms –

Q. 11.


a . harmony

b. recompose

c. strife

d. reconciliation

12. Facsimile

a. replica

b. novelty

c. distinction

d. originality

13. Flimsy

a. firm

b. retentive

c. durable

d. brittle

Antonyms –

14. Glut

a. reduce

b. stuff

c. cram

d. satiate

Q. 15. Grisly

a. alluring

b. loathsome

c. atrocious


Q. 16. Haggard

a. lean

b. emaciated

c. exhausted

d. robust

One Word Substitution

Q. 17. An unconventional style of living –

a. bankrupt   b. bohemian   c. bigot   d. amateur

18. One who sneers at the beliefs of others –

a. Fatalist    b. Cynosure    c. Fastidious    d. Cynic


Q. 19. A boastful fellow –

a. swashbuckler   b. Optimistic   c. Pessimistic    d. Debonair

Q. 20.  A person having the same name as another –

a. Novice   b. Namesake   c. Narcissist d. None of them

Check the incorrect spellings –

Q. 21. a Glamour  b Gorgeous   c Grammer  d Gauge

Q. 22. a. Embarass  b. Ecstasy   c Fierce   d None of these

Narration –

Change the narration

Q. 23. She said to me,” What are you doing here ? ”

Change the voice –

Q. 24 What brings you here ?

Fill the blanks with appropriate preposition –

Q. 25. She prefers tea ——- coffee.

a. than   b to    c with    d on

Check the Solution from here and also Practice English Paper 2

Practice Paper for HTET CTET

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