HTET Important Questions for General English

HTET fever has taken the whole Haryana in its grip these days. Online Registration has just finished. Now the candidates have started preparation for the exam scheduled to be held on 23rd and 24th of December 2017.

The Tests for PGT/ TGT/ JBT shall be of 150 marks. The Paper shall have two parts – 90 Marks Portion and 60 Marks Portion. The 90 Marks Portion shall consist of questions from English, Hindi, Math, Reasoning, GK and Haryana GK and Pedagogy and Psychology.

Detailed Syllabus for HTET 2017 ( December)

Here in this blog we are putting some of the Important Questions from General English. Hope that this effort of ours will certainly benefit you.

Download HTET PGT English/ PGT English Recruitment Exam important Questions.

HTET General English Questions –

Correct the following sentences –

  1. He prefers bread than rice.
  2. Cities after cities have been destroyed.
  3. We are provided with informations.
  4. Every one should do one’s duty.
  5. One should obey his elders.
  6. One of our teachers are lazy.
  7. The people of Bihar are more laborious than Odisha.
  8. He is wiser than handsome.
  9. He is equally as intelligent as Sohan.
  10. I asked him that he would help me.
  11. I told that I would not go.
  12. He is very better than today.

Solution –

  • He prefers bread to rice.

Prefers always take to preposition with it.

  • City after city has been destroyed.

Two same nouns connected by any conjunction are used in the singular form and take singular form with them.

  • We are provided with pieces of information.
  • Everyone should do his duty.
  • One should do one’s duty.
  • One of our teachers is lazy.

One, none, either, neither, every, each etc are followed by plural nouns and singular verbs.

  • The people of Bihar are more laborious than those of Odisha.
  • He is more wise than handsome.

If two qualities of the same person are compared, we use more + positive degree.

  • He is as intelligent as Sohan.
  • He and Sohan are equally intelligent.
  • I asked him if he would help me.
  • I said that I would not go.
  • He is much better today.

Fill in the blanks – HTET Practice Set for English Preparation

1. She resembles ………….her mother.

a. with b. to c. on d. No Article

2. I ……….. him since he went to Agra.

a. saw b. didn’t see c. haven’t seen d. was not seeing

3. She ………… me for years.

a. has known b. knows c. has been knowing d. knew

4. He ………….my offer.

a. refused b. declined c. opposed d. revolted

5. Egg and curry ………..his favourite dish.

a. is b. are c. have d. has

Answers –

1. d 2. c 3. a 4. b. 5. a

In my next blog, I will come up with more important questions from Hindi and Pedagogy as well besides English language. This process will go on till HTET Dec 2017

Download HTET Admit Cards from here.

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