DSSSB PRT Question Paper with Answer Key – MCQs

The paper contains multiple choice questions from the previous question paper. It also carries the answer keys of the exam. This will help you in getting proper idea of your exam performance and preparation of the further exams..

The components of the test are – General Awareness, General Intelligence and Reasoning Ability, Hindi Language and English Language.

The paper also carries negative marking. For each wrong question, the candidates can get 0.25 mark deducted.

DSSSB PRT Question Paper with Solution –

Q. What happens due to rotation of the earth ?

Answer – Coriolis Force

Q. President of India during 1967 ad 1969 ?

Answer – Dr Zakir Hussain

Q. The country which does not share its international boundary with India ?

Answer – The Options are wrong.

Q. What do we call river Brahmputra in Tibet ?

Answer – Tsangpo

Q. Where did First International Earth Summit Take place ?

Answer – Brazil from 3rd to 14th June 1992

Q. Who is at present the CM of Tamil Nadu ?

Answer – K Palaniswami

Q. The Smallest Prime Number is –

Answer – 2

Q. I poured the milk ………the glass.

Answer – into

Q. I met her …….the junction.

Answer – at

Q. I tasted ……….ice-cream today .

Answer – an

Q. Correct Spelling –

Answer – Communication

Q. Business

Q. Opposite words –

Contiguous –

Answer – None of the above

Q. Closed

Answer – None of the above

Q. Who is the Present Chairperson of the National Commission of Women, India ?

Answer – Lalita Kumarmangalam

Q. When did Dandi March Gandhi ji start ?

Answer – 12th March 1930

Q. Name the first Home Minister of India after Independence ?

Answer – Vallabhbhai Patel

Q. Fire : Smoke ::

Answer – Cloud : Rain

Q. Grenada :: Gun

Answer – Head : Brain

Q. Whose sign we find on the Indian Currency Note of Rupee One ?

Answer – Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Q. Khanwa Battle between the Mughals and the Rajputs fought between ..

Answer – 17th March 1527

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