Use of Continuous Tense - Present, Past & Future

In my previous blog, I had told you about the use Present, Past and Future Indefinite Tenses. You can read that use from here. This blog post is dedicated to Continuous Tense. It means I will tell you about the use of Present Continuous, Past Continuous and Future Continuous Tense along with their structures. So without delay, let's start their use -

Translation Practice Sets

Present Continuous Tense -

Structure -

Sub + is/am/are + v 1 + ing + obj.

Sub + is/am/are + not + v 1 + ing + obj.

Is/ Am/ Are + Sub+ v 1 + ing + obj?

Use of Present Continuous Tense -

1. To show continuity of action in the present time with the words such as still, this time, these days, now, now-a-days, this moment etc.

e.g. What are you doing these days ?

She is preparing for exams today.

2. To show future also -

We are going to Delhi next week.

Past Continuous Tense -

Structure -

It shows continuity of the past.

  • Sub + was/were + v 1 + ing + obj.
  • Sub + was/were + not + v 1 + ing + obj.
  • Was/Were + Sub+ v 1 + ing + obj?

1. To show continuity of action in the past time with the words such as that time, those days, then, at that moment etc.

e.g. What were you doing those days ?

Children were playing this time yesterday.

2. If in one part past indefinite tense is given and action demands continuity -

e.g. When he came here, I was sleeping.

Future Indefinite - It shows simple statement related with Future.

Structure -

  • Sub + will be / shall be + v 1 + ing + obj.
  • Sub + will/ shall + not + be + v 1 + ing + obj.
  • Will/ Shall + Sub+ be + v 1 + ing + obj.

Use of Future Continuous Tense -

With the future indicating words such as tomorrow, next to show continuity of action -

e.g Children will be playing this time tomorrow.

Teacher will be teaching at present.

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