Idiomatic Sentences for Daily use in English and Hindi

It is important to enrich English on daily basis. Therefore one must include new elements in their language time to time. Here we are publishing some very important Idiomatic Sentences which will be helpful in making your English more effective.

For the convenience of our readers we are using both the languages - Hindi and English.

हर चीज़ की हद होती है।- There is a limit to everything.

आजकल उसका हाथ तंग है।- He is hard up these days.

वे कानाफूसी करते रहते हैं।- They keep whispering.

हम गलत गाड़ी में चढ़ गए।- We boarded a wrong train.

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हमको लेने के देने पद गए।- Tables have turned against us.

तुम बीमार नजर आ रहे हो - You are looking ill.

पैसों ने उनका दिमाग ख़राब कर दिया है - Riches have turned their head.

खाओ पीओ ऐश करो- Eat,drink and be merry.

सुंदरता सादगी में होती है।- Beauty consists in simplicity.

उसे ऊँचा सुनाई देता है।- She is hard of hearing.

वह हमेशा गल्तियां ढूढंता रहता है।- He's always looking for faults.

Idiomatic Sentences to Improve English

हम गीदड़ धमकियों से नहीं डरते।- We are not afraid of paper-bullets.

आज कल पढाई में कुछ नहीं रखा हैं - Education doesn't pay these days.

इससे बुरा कुछ नहीं हो सकता।- Nothing can be worse.

उसकी बातों का बुरा मत मानों।- Do not take offence at his words.

यह फिल्म एक हफ्ते चली।- This film had run for a week.

चीखते चीखते उसका गाला बैठ गया - He cried himself hoarse.

मामला बिगड़ गया। - The matter took a serious turn.

हमारे तो तोते उड़ गए।- We were utterly non-pleased.

बिजली चली गयी है।- The light has gone off.

वह नमक हराम था।- He was not true to his salt.

उसका भाई शराबी है।- His brother is alcoholic.

आम किलो के हिसाब से बिकते हैं।- Mangoes are sold by kilo.

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