Making Simple Sentence from other Sentences

Learn Making Simple Sentences Combining /Joining other Sentences – Simple Sentences in to one Sentence – Prepare with Examples – Important Words with Hindi meaning

Prepare complete Grammar from here.

1. The hunters saw a lion. They ran away.

Seeing the lion the hunters ran away.

2. He finished hid breakfast. He left for his office.

Having finished his breakfast he left for his office.

3. Kinjal went to market. She had to buy some toys.

Kinjal went to market to buy some toys.

4. It is too hot here. Living will be difficult.

It being too hot living will be difficult here.

5. My friends are rich. They can buy a Honda.

My friends  are rich enough to buy a Honda.

6. He is rich. He is miser.

In spite of ( बावजूद ) his being rich, he is miser (कंजूस ).


In spite ( बावजूद ) of his riches ( धन- दौलत / लक्ष्मी), he is miser ( कंजूस ).


Although ( यद्यपि / बेशक ) he is rich, he is miser ( कंजूस ).

Sentences From two –

7. I met the famous writer yesterday. His name was Khuswant Singh.

I met the famous writer yesterday, Khuswant Singh.


I met the famous writer named/ called Khuswant Singh.

8. They are his brothers. It is quite clear.

That they are his brothers is quite clear.

9. He went to Delhi. His friend lives there.

He went to Delhi where his friend lives.

10. The thief hid ( छिपना ) ( 2nd /3rd forms of hide – hid -hid ) somewhere. The police could not find him out.

The thief hid where police could not find him out.

11. Kinjal is sincere. She is intelligent.

Kinjal is not only sincere but also intelligent.


Kinjal is sincere and intelligent.


Kinjal is both sincere and intelligent.

12. Ram is the guilty. He must be punished.

Ram is is guilty therefore he must be punished.


Ram is guilty so he must be punished.

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