English Grammar Practice Set/ Paper – Check your Preparation

We are starting a series of Practice Sets for the students of English Grammar. This is one of the Practice sets that include various topics of Grammar. This English Grammar Practice Set shall help you in judging your comprehension of English Grammar.

We have also provided the solution of the paper at the end of it. The paper shall be of 20 marks. These Practice Sets shall be beneficial for the students of all the classes, English Learners and Examiners of various exams.

Try Practice Set/ Paper for English Grammar

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in the bracket –

1. Who ———– he ————- ( think ) he is ?

2. Look ! the train ————( Come).

3. If you ————( read) that book, you would have got more marks.

4. Rudra ————( play) guitar for half an hour.

Change the narration of the following sentences –

5. ” I have been waiting for you for an hour,” complained John.

6. I said to him,” Shall I help you ?”

7. The teacher said, ” Don’t make a noise, boys.”

8. He said to me,” For God’s sake, save me.”

English Grammar Practice Paper

Change the voice of the following sentences –

9. The thief was caught red handed.

10. He wants to buy a car.

11. Don’t tease the animals.

12. My story interested him a lot.

Fill in the blanks with suitable determiners

13. Tyson is a man of ———-words.

14. He shot him at ——— forehead.

15. Have you ever seen so ……. as that ? ( tall girl)

16. ———-more we have, ———-less we are satisfied.

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate modals –

Learn of Modals

17. It is cloudy. It ———-rain soon.

18. Kinjal ——— sit at the station for hours, watching trains. ( past habit)

19. She ———–to have consulted the doctor.

20. Go fast lest you ————-miss the train.

21. ———–that I ———-( Know ) him !

22. He ——- help you now. ( should/must )

23. He ———–can’t violate the rules of the school. ( should/ must )

Determiners –

24. Myself will help you.


25. He is ———- European boy.

Solution – 1. does he think 2. is coming 3. had read 4. has been playing 5. John complained that he had been waiting for you for an hour 6. I asked him if I should help him 7. The told the boys not to make a noise or The teacher forbade the boys to make a noise. 8. He begged to save me

9. The police caught the thief red handed 10. He wants a car to be bought ( by him) 11. Let the animals not be teased 12. He was interested a lot in my story 13. few 14. the 15. tall a girl 16. the, the 17 may 18. would/used to 19. ought 20. should 21. Would ….knew 22. should 23. must 24. Don’t start a sentence with reflexive pronoun( correct sentence is – I will help you ) . 25.  a ( with the sound of ye always ” a ” article.

NoteWith the word forbid, we can’t use not as it itself is a negative word.

English Practice Set for Board and Non- Board Exams

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English Grammar Practice Paper

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