The Browning Version Terence Rattingan - Objective Type Questions

Prepare very short questions / objective type questions written by Terence Rattingan with answers from NCERT books for 11th class students

The Browning Version

Q. Who has written the play " The Browning Version " ?

Answer - Terence Rattingan

Q. What is the name of the student ?

Answer - Taplow

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Q. What is his age ?

Answer - Around Sixteen

Q. Whom and why is he waiting for ?

Answer - He is waiting for Crocker - Harris for doing extra-work for the latter.

Q. Whom is he talking to ?

Answer - To Frank

Q. What is the professions of Frank and Crocker- Harris ?

Answer - Both are teachers

Q. What does Mr. Frank teach ?

Answer - Science

Q. Whom are Mr. Frank and Taplow talking to ?

Answer - Mr. Crocker - Harris

Q. What is name of the book Taplow is holding ?

Answer - The Agamemnon

Q. What is Agamemnon ?

Answer - The Greek Tragedy

Q. What has to Mr. Crocker - Harris announce the next day ?

Answer - The result

Q. According to Mr. Frank, what type of students take science ?

Answer - All the slackers

Q. What is the plot of the tragedy Agamemnon ?

Answer - A wife murders her husband.

Q. Why is Taplow bitter that day ?

Answer - For extra work

Q. What game is Taplow playing if he is not called to do extra- work ?

Answer - Golf

Q. How was the weather that day ?

Answer - The weather was not good

Q. What is the meaning of the word ' sadist ' ?

Answer - A sadist is someone who gets pleasure out of giving pain

Q. What does Taplow imitate ?

Answer - Mr. Crocker- Harris' joke

Q. What does Mr. Crocker- Harris teach ?

Answer - Latin language

Q. What is the name of Crocker- Harris' wife ?

Answer - Millie

Q. Where has Mr. Crocker- Harris gone ?

Answer - At Bursar's

Q. Where does Millie send Taplow ?

Answer - Chemist shop

Q. What was the time Mr Crocker- Harris told Taplow to be in the school for doing extra-work ?

Answer - At six-thirty

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