Poets and Pancakes – Very Short / Objective Type Questions

Prepare Objective Type Questions/ Very Short Questions with answers from the autobiography called Poets and Pancakes for 12th students – From the Flamingo – Based on NCERT for HBSE, CBSE and the rest of boards

Poets and Pancakes

Q. Who has written the autobiography called Poets and Pancakes ?

Answer – Asokamitran

Q. Where is the Gemini Studios located ?

Answer – In Chennai

Q. Who is the boss in Poets and Pancakes ?

Answer – Mr. S. S. Vasan

Q. Who was Asokamitran ?

Answer – A Tamil Writer

Q. Which book has this autobiography taken ?

Answer – My Years with Boss

Q. What is Pancake ?

Answer – Brand name of the make-up material

Q. Where is the make-up department located ?

Answer- Upstairs in the building

Q. Whose stable was the building ?

Answer- Robert Clive

Q. Who are Greta Garbo, Miss Gohar, Vyjayantimala and Rati Agnihotri ?

Answer – Movie Actresses

Q. Where did Robert Clive marry ?

Answer – He married in St. Mary’s Church in Fort St. George ( Madras )

Q. Who was No. 2 in the Gemini Studios ?

Answer – Subbu

Q. What is the full form of A.I. R. ?

Answer – All India Radio

Q. What is the full form of M.R.A. ?

Answer – Moral Re-armament Army

Q. Who had hated Subbu the most in the Studios ?

Answer – Office Boy

Q. What is the job of the office boy ?

Answer – Painting the crowd players

Q. Who first headed the make-up department ?

Answer – A Bengali

Q. Which two plays did M.R.A. present in Madras ?

Answer – Jotham Valley and The Forgotten Factor

Q. Who had composed the novel Thillana Mohanambal ?

Answer – Subbu

Q. Which evil of 20th century did Subbu recreate in his novel ?

Answer – Devadasis

Q. How many members were there in the Studios ?

Answer – Around 600

Q. How many members were there in M.R.A. ?

Answer – Around 200

Q. In which department did the lawyer work ?

Answer – Story Deprtment

Q. What was the satisfying entertainment for the poets in the Studios those days ?

Answer – A cup of coffee

Q. Who was the poet in the Gemini Studios ?

Answer – Stephen Spender

Q. In which magazine did the writer find the poet’s name ?

Answer – The Encounter

Q. Who had written the book named The God That Failed ?

Answer – Six eminent writers – Andre Gide, Richard Wright, Ignazio Silone, Arthur Koestler, Louis Fischer and Stephen Spender.

Prepare the questions from The Rattrap by Selma Legorlof

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