The Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof - Very Short Questions / Objective Type

Prepare very short type questions / learn objective type questions with answers from the book Flamingo - The Rattrap written by Selma Lagerlof for class 12th HBSE/ CBSE and other state boards

The Rattrap

Q. Who has written the story "The Rattrap " ?

Answer - Selma Lagerlof

Q. Describe the life term of the writer.

Answer - 1858 to 1940

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Q. Which country does the writer belong to ?

Answer - Sweden

Q. What kind of life does the peddler live ?

Answer - Sad and monotonous life

Q. What things did the peddler sell ?

Answer - The small rattraps

Q. What material were the rattraps made of ?

Answer - Of wire

Q. Who was the first host of the peddler ?

Answer - The old man

Q. Which game did they play with the old cards ?

Answer - Mjolis

Q. What was there in the hut for the supper ?

Answer - The porridge

Q. Where did the old man work in the previous time when he was younger ?

Answer - At Ramsjo Ironworks as a crofter

Q. What was the source of income for the old man now ?

Answer - The cow

Q. How much money did he show to the peddler ?

Answer - Thirty kronor

Q. What did the peddler do with the money ?

Answer - He stole it.

Q. Where did the peddler find himself one day in the late December night ?

Answer - At Ramsjo Ironworks

Q. Who were there at Ramsjo Ironworks when he reached in ?

Answer - The master blacksmith, Stjernstorm and his helper

Q. Who was the daughter of Iron-master ?

Answer - Edla Willmansson

Q. Who was Elizabeth ?

Answer - Iron-master's wife

Q. Where do the iron-master's sons live ?

Answer - Abroad

Q. What does the iron-master take the peddler for ?

Answer - Captain von Stahle, his old regimental friend

Q. Who persuaded the peddler to go to home ?

Answer - Edla

Q. Where did the father and the daughter come to know that he peddler was a thief ?

Answer - At the church

Q. What did they find when they returned from the church ?

Answer - A bundle

Q. What did the bundle carry ?

Answer - A rattrap containing 30 kronor notes and a letter to Edla

Q. What was the rattrap ?

Answer - A Christmas present to Edla

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