How to write Business Letters in English ? – Features and Parts

Features and Parts of a Business Letter – Steps for writing Business Letters

Business correspondence has become part and parcel for the smooth and successful running of any business. Somebody has rightly said,

A letter in a business is what medicine to a patient.

Business letters  are very helpful in useful interactions between the firms and promoting the businesses. So great skills are required for writing and replying business letters. Therefore, the companies hire experts for writing business letters. Business letters also reflect the status of the related firm. Here we are providing you some tips for writing effective Business Letters.How to write Business Letters in English

Tips for writing an Effective Business Letter –

1. Completeness –

A good business letter must be complete and clear by itself. The sender must mention all the important details in it. He needs to put all sought information without hiding anything. An incomplete information will, therefore, force him to write another letter. As a result, it shall be the wastage of time.

2. To the point –

The content of the letter must be concise. Always remember that the reader is interested only in the information. He is not interested in your story. So don’t beat about bush. Don’t supply unnecessary/ personal details.

3. Factually Correct –

The information you are providing must be factually correct. Don’t provide wrong information as it may lead to breaking in the communication and it shall not be good for your business.

4. Clearness –

There should be the clarity of ideas and of language. The reader must be able to understand your motive of writing letter. All the ideas must be expressed in a very clear language. Language must be sans bombastic words. It must have small sentences with effective words rather than difficult ones.

5. Be Polite –

Show your politeness through words such as Please, Thank you etc. This courtesy is necessary for making good business relationships.

Different Parts of a Business Letters

The letter head –

It carries the name and address of the firm along with phone no and the telegraphic address.

Reference Code –

This code is necessary to know the contents of the earlier letters. In a way it gives recognition to a letter.

Date –

Mention the date on which you are writing a letter.

The inside name and address –

This is an important part of a business letter. The same name and address should be imprinted on the envelope. Use left side of the page to write them.

Salutation –

The formal salutation such as Dear Sir/ Madam or Dear Sirs should be there.

The Body –

This is the central part of the letter. It contains the whole information. Follow the tips we have already mentioned above for writing effective body.

The Complementary close –

Use Yours faithfully or Yours sincerely or Yours truly to end the letter.

Signature –

Put your signature with the name immediately below the complementary close.

Enclosures –

If you wish to attach some papers with the business letter, give their details in the enclosures section.

Postscript –

You can add something missed after the letter is done.

We shall provide you the Sample Business Letter very soon. So be in touch with us.

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