Read story of a girl who got success after losing her both hands

There is the need of changing negativity in to positivity if a person wishes to go ahead in life. Incidents and accidents keep happening in life. And they happen with every body. Nobody is exception. However there is the need of having will power and mentality that can change your negative mind set. The following story may help you to get some idea of it.

This is the story of a girl who besides her handicap showed the girl who she is. She lost her both hands, but didn’t lose her heart. She became a great motivational speaker. Malvika Ayer tells the story of her tragedy and success herself.

She said that the incident had taken place on 26th of May 2002. It was Sunday and the girl was in 9th standard. It was a bit of get-together in the family and some friends of her father had come to meet them. Family members were quite busy with them.

Suddenly she found her jeans torn a bit. She wanted to paste it with fevicol. For that she went out in the garage. There was the Govt Depot of Ordnance near her house.  It had got burnt a few days ago but she was unaware of that incident.

There were many explosives in the whole area. There was also a grenade in the garage. She wanted some heavy thing for pasting her jeans. Before she could understand something, the grenade did its work. There was total blackout before her eyes.

She found herself in the kitchen after she gained consciousness. Her two hands were amputated.  She was handicap. Besides her legs were badly injured. Due to this incident, she had to stay for 2 years in the hospital.

However she was determined to fight this instant handicap with education. She got admission in Chennai Middle School and with the help of a scribe she got good marks. Then she came to Delhi and got admission to Saint Stephen College there.

In the meantime she got opportunity to meet the then President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. His personality and talk impressed him a lot. She removed negativity from her mind. She knew that despite of physical deficiency she was perfect. Malvika Ayer connected herself with social works also.

She got offers as motivational speakers from foreign agencies. Her mother had also told her when she stood in front of the mirror, she would find the world very beautiful in her own face.

According to her, there was the need to change the mindset ” why all bad things happen to me ? ” Then everything will be positive.

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