Private Schools and Parents and Children – Story of Tortures

Admission days have started from 2nd of school ( New Session ). However there are some schools which started this process from the middle of March. It is because of stiff competition among these private schools. People don’t want to send their wards in govt schools which provide numerous facilities for free along with very low fees. Reason is that these govt schools are opened just to provide high fees to the staff, no education.

Even the children of govt school staff, govt officials, ministers read in the private schools. Consequently, the private schools are mushrooming every where in the country. It is funny that most of these schools are run by politicians and big businessmen. That’s why there is no rein on them. They charge exorbitant fee from the miserable parents.

These schools decide their own syllabus. Parents can receive books from nowhere but from inside of the schools or fixed places. For every thing there is commission. Buildings are very congested. Most of them are run in houses with for or five rooms. Children are deprived to see the playground during their childhood. To compensate this big loss of the students, these schools put some swings in the lawns of the schools.

Private schools – Good and Forever Career – Try it under govt protection

Staff is never qualified as they are not interested in paying decent salary to it. Most of them are 10+2 or graduates. These teachers keep engaging in other activities except teaching as it is secondary. Students have to complete this secondary activities from teachers’ home.

Ironically, there are activities in the schools, they bring good good names to them. Under this pretext, they charge money from the parents. Parents are always happy. They think that due to them their children’s personality will improve. Parents are again happy that their children even if in very junior classes are allocated 9 to 10 books. Many books, more intelligent students, more intuitions, laughing children – wow.

It means school will make them very intelligent. Money doesn’t matter. If some students try to  protest this oppression against them and their children, they are made to hush. Those who conduct these schools feel themselves like VIPs. All Governments know, officials know about this, but they think this is the petty issue. They love prashad.

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