Parents must take care of such things for their school going wards

This is the admission time in schools. Here are some tips the parents must use in the growing up of their children. We hope they must be helpful in making them good and successful persons in life.

1. Tuition is not a compulsory thing for the children. So avoid it. Encourage your students to do home work at home. If there is some problem in understanding, ask your parents, brothers or the teachers the next day. Take active participation in their studies. Encourage your children to go to school every day.

2. Create a habit of sleeping and getting up early among them. They must complete their home work and prepare bags in the evening. Don’t leave such things for morning.
Children must get nutritious food carrying rice, vegetables, fruits etc. Give them tiffin for school.

3. Encourage them to wash their hands properly before food.

4. Give the quality time to your children.

5. Make a time table for them. It must contain the schedule of game, education, watching TV etc.
Tell them about the discipline. Keep an eye on their friendship list and their behaviour. If you find something wrong, take action immediately. Check if the bad company hasn’t touched them.

6. Don’t spoil them giving money unnecessarily just to demonstrate your love.

7. Keep them away from scooty or mobile until they are in 10+2.

8. It is necessary to involve children to in petty works of home. In this way, they will learn the habit of being independent in life.

9. Fill etiquettes in them by becoming examples.

10. Keep visiting their schools and meeting the concerned teachers.

11. Be their friends. In this way they will have more confidence and there shall not be hesitation between the two sides.

12. Encourage them to do hard work rather putting aspirations and anxiety on them.

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