Teachers will now be able to claim good salary in Private Schools

Teachers – nation builders – will now be able to build their future with self respect.  The state has started controlling the private schools which do their own in getting fees from the students and giving salaries to the staff. This step will check the exploitation and mental pressure of the teachers and parents.

Now Educational Body Control Commission will keep an eye on the wages given to teaching and non-teaching staff of the private schools. This step will ensure that the staff of such schools will get the minimum salary. Everybody must know that teachers are being paid 5 to 10 thousand Rupees for every work besides teaching.

For that, the concerned body will observe the record of such staff. The draft prepared by this newly committee has sent its suggestions to the Higher Education Directorate. Besides, the schools will not be able to charge much fees from the students.

There was the meeting of the members of Commission. This meeting included students, teachers and non- teaching staff. They told about the exploitation and ways of exploitation. They told that school management submitted a very handsome salary in the accounts of the staff, however, later, the staff has to submit the whole money except their salary to the management except their salary. This is very popular trick used by the management. Now govt will have a sharp gaze on this activity.

However, the school managements look angry over this decision. According to the members of these managements. They say that most of the schools are very small. The strength is very low there. So how can they afford good salary fixed by the Haryana govt.

It is ironical that the same govt tells them not to charge much money. They don’t have any source to earn money. How can they obey the govt ? If the govt wants them to follow these instructions, it must give them financial support.

Govt makes such laws every time but nobody follows them. But at least they show some dreams to these exploited beings for some time. May they get respectable salary this time !

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