No Engineering without consent from AICTE

The engineering aspirants will not be able to get admission to any engineering college without the permission of Deemed University All India Council f0r Technical Education. The approval of this institution is must. AICTE had already released this order in its previous order. But the Deemed Universities had challenged this order in the notification various High Courts.

Now AICTE will transfer all these matters in Delhi High Court. There was the hearing on this matter in the court on Saturday.  The representative from AICTE told the High Court that the students are getting admission to Deemed Colleges for Engineering Colleges without its approval. It means such institutes are playing with the future of the students.

If AICTE dismisses such admission, the future of these students is at stake. As a result, AICTE wants the High Court to ban such admissions as early as possible. After hearing points from both the side, the High Court has banned the admission to the Deemed colleges without AICTE.

The Delhi High Court has passed the ruling that no Deemed College will give admission to any candidate without AICTE permission.

What did the DEEMED university say in this matter ?

The Deemed Universities gave the argument that they have attained permission from the UGC. So they have the right to give admission to Engineering aspiring students.

You must know that AICTE approves technical related courses in India. There were complaints that Deemed Universities are not providing quality technical education. Students could have got any degree after paying money.

Teachers and students are happy with this decision. One student says that he knows many students who have obtained engineering degrees from such degrees after paying hefty money. Such students have no knowledge  and get no job any where. In a way, this is a cheating for these students.

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