School Lecturers will be able to do B.Ed / HTET by 2022

Read new Noting about the extension of Period of doing B.Ed and HTET by school lecturers by 2022

Haryana Govt has taken a big step to give a good relief to the Govt Lecturers who don’t have B.Ed or HTET or both. A few years ago the previous govt had advertised for thousands of posts for PGT in various subjects. In some subjects, the govt had given the candidates an exemption in having B.Ed and HTET. Now they will have to complete these qualifying degree by 2022. If they couldn’t do, there would be a big crisis on their job.

At present the deadline was 2018. So these lectures were at great risk of losing their jobs. Some of these teachers had completed the completion. However, most of them couldn’t. The representatives of these teachers met Education Minister of Haryana Mr Bilas Sharma putting argument as to why these candidates couldn’t complete these conditions. They gave their arguments and asked for further extension. There were other officials besides the minister.

The BJP govt had promised to solve problem in its election manifesto. As the election is drawing near, there is a big pressure on this govt.

In addition to this decision, the govt took other decision regarding other departments. These teachers have heave of sigh after this 4 years’ extension. They know that after 2022, they will get more extension.

It is irony that most of those were qualified during that time are working in private institutes. These had taken written test 3 or 4 years ago in the BJP govt are still waiting for the result of the written test. The candidates had to fight to for getting their HTET 2018/2019 restored which was for life that time. Some unemployed candidates hired advocates of High court spending 7 to 8 thousand rupees. Many visited to Chandigarh. Then govt restored the previous decision at the cost of at Rs 10,000 of unemployed candidates.

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