Without HTET- B.Ed 4600 PGTs may face crisis on their jobs

Now 4600 PGTs who have not done HTET and B.Ed may face critical crisis of loosing their jobs. The govt had given these teachers the dead-line to clear both HTET and B.Ed till 31st of March 2018. The govt has not taken action to expend this dead-line. This thing has caused concern on the faces of these concerned teachers.

The Haryana Govt had invited applications for the posts of School PGTs in 2012. The basic qualification for these posts was MA with the concerned subject. Besides, it was compulsory for the candidates to have B.Ed and HTET. However, later these candidates got exemption of HTET and B.Ed. The govt made the necessary amendments in the recruitment rule and the candidates having only 4 years of experience of could have applied.

In addition, the govt added the condition that  these candidates would have to clear HTET by 1st of April 2015. If they had not done that, their job would have considered annexed naturally. Later, the previous congress  govt extended the dead-line of clearing the HTET by 31st March 2018.

As per the rule, the govt had to conduct HTET twice a year. However, it couldn’t have happened. In the duration of 2015 to 2018, the HTET took place only two times. As a result, most of the teachers could not clear HTET. Such teachers sans HTET and B.Ed are facing dangers of loosing their jobs. These teachers through s0me teaching organizations submitted memorandum to  the govt asking to extend this date till 2014.

Some of the teachers who didn’t have B.Ed also took the resort of the High Court. These teachers gave the reference of the NCET. Some the appointed teachers have cleared the desired qualification. But most of them are without either B.Ed or HTET

What do the teachers say about the rules of NCET ?

These teachers say that there is no permission to do B.Ed during the probation period. When such teachers applied to the B.Ed course through B.Ed course, the NCERT had made it compulsory for them to do JBT before applying for this course. It means that these candidates will have to do JBT and B.Ed for 2 years each.

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