HBSE 10th Class 2018 Solved Question Paper

Check Your Performance of  HBSE 2018 English Question Paper Set D

The Haryana Board took Secondary Class Exam English Paper for Fresh and Re-appear Candidates. Now our team is preparing the solution of Grammar Portion for Set D. Later we shall provide you the solution of other sets. The total marks of the paper were 80. The students could complete it in 180 minutes. There was Grammar in Section C. The students had to attempt 12 sentences choosing two sentences from each part.

Q. 4. a. Use the correct form of the verb given in the brackets –

My students left me two weeks ago.

Bad students never work hard.

He thanked me for what I had done.

Q. 4. b. Rewrite the following sentences in indirect speech –

I say to you,” Have you gone off your head ?”

I tell you if you have gone off your head.

He said to me, ” Don’t touch this wire. It’s live.”

He advised me not to touch that wire saying it was live.

Sita said to the teacher,” I need your help.”

Sita told the teacher that she needed  his help.

Q. 4 c Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles wherever necessary –

Have you read the Ramayana ?

His brother is a university professor.

He gave me a one rupee note.

Q. 4 d. Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals given in brackets :

I still remember my childhood. I used to play hockey then.

Shall I fetch a doctor ?

I would build a hospital if I won a lottery.

Q. 4 e. Use appropriate infinitive / Gerund whatever is appropriate :

The boy suggested to go for a picnic.

My grandmother dislikes using face powder.

It is easy to find fault with others.

Q. 4. f. Punctuate the following sentences :

hurrah we have won the match said my friend.

” Hurrah ! we have won the match ” said my friend.

On Tuesday, the President of Africa reaches India.

Example, as the proverb says, is the best precept.

If any of the readers find any mistake in this HBSE Grammar Solution, he/she can write to us in the comment box below.

HBSE Sr Secondary 2018 English Solved Paper

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