HBSE 2018 12th Solved English Paper

Here we are providing the solution of grammar of Haryana Board 2018 Question Paper. We think it will help them the students to know about their exam performance. This HBSE 10+2 Solution paper will also relax them and help them focus more intensely on the next papers.

Solution of English Grammar Set A 2018. It was only for all groups 1, 2,3. The paper was of 80 marks. The students had to complete it in 3 hours.

Question 1 – Change the form of narration –

He said,” Honesty is the best policy.”

He said that honesty is the best policy.

She said,” I am not well.”

She said that she was not well.

She said to me,” Open the window.”

She asked me to open the window.

Q. 2. Supply articles wherever necessary

X peacock is in danger of extinction.

Could you get me a kilogram of sugar, please.

Neha will go to X when she is three.

12th Haryana Board Solved English Paper

Q. 3 Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary verbs given in the brackets –

You need not worry anymore.

He ought to take up the responsibility.

That must be a doctor.

Q. d Change the following sentences into passive voice –

They are building it.

It is being built by them.

He may help you.

You may be helped by him.

She accused him of theft.

He was accused of theft by her.

Q. e. Use the correct form of verb given in the brackets –

The price of these jeans is reasonable.

Either Mohan or I will go.

Mumps is not common among adults.

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Later, the result of 12th HBSE shall be available here.

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