No Leak of CBSE 12th Paper – CBSE will take action

The news of leakage of CBSE 12th class has created stir among the students all over the country. However, the board has refuted such rumours. The board says that there is no leakage of paper. It is just a rumor. According to the board, there was the proper seal on the question papers at all the centres.

The board has admitted that some local people spread this rumor to mar the reputation of the board. Very soon this rumor spread like the fire of the forest. Every news channel covered this story. Now the CBSE has decided to take a very strong step against this wrong doing. The board will lodge the FIR for the guilty.

The Education Minister of Delhi, Sh Manish Shishodia had clarified that the paper was leaked on the social media last night. There were similar questions in the Set 2 of the exam. Most of the people say that some questions that had appeared in the exam were shared on Social Media.

According to the Times of India, the paper was being shared at Messaging and Whats App. By chance, Sisodia got this paper and then he ordered for cross checking. He also told the Secretary and Educational Directorate for inquiry. Some of the questions of the leaked paper were found in the exam paper.

Sisodia also shared that he received 12th Accounts leakage via tweet. Then he said the officials to take the further action. He also said that the erring people would not be spared so that the laborious students might not suffer.

CBSE has not much disclosed regarding this leakage news. The Exams for Senior Secondary had started from 5th of March and it was the paper of Accounts today. It is also worthy to mention that most of the examinees were not happy with this present schedule.

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