Contract Teachers in Haryana will get Equal Salary

This is a good news for almost all the contract employees in Haryana. From now they will start getting equal salary as their govt counterpart in the state. Now seven thousand and five hundred will start getting the enhanced salary. However, sixty thousand employees including guest teachers will be deprived of this facility.

Th govt has taken this decision after the order of Supreme Court after one year. Following this order, the Haryana Govt is ready to grant the equal salary to all its contract employees the equal salary as per their counterparts. It was a long demand from these employees in the state.

Even some of them had taken the course of the law. According to this law, the contract employees who have got jobs via outsourcing part- 2  will get the benefit of equal salary.

However, the Haryana Govt has deprived all the contract employees who have obtained jobs in the state via Contract system and Outsourcing Policy Part – 1 will not get this benefit of this equal salary. The no. of such employees is around 60,000.

There shall be the separate committee for for the increment of such employees. These employees include those from National Health Mission, Guest Teachers and Power Employees.

Equal Salaries for Contract Employees working on the same Post in Haryana – SC

The employees from the Electricity Board have got jobs through Contract System. On the other hand the candidates from National Health Mission and Guest Teachers didn’t follow Part 1 and Part 2 Selection Policy in recruitment. In this way, it is clear that there shall be the frustration among the employees of all these three said categories.

According to order of the Supreme Court, there shall be the average increment from 3100 to 4000 in the salaries of contract employees, clerks, employees at technical posts.

The Bench of Supreme Court Justices J. S Khehar and S.A. Bobde had delivered this justice for Equal Salary on 26th Oct 2016. The court had said that two people working on the same posts can’t get less salary. The Apex Court had said that India was a welfare state. And if it makes the people do work on less salary is against human dignity.

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