MA in the age of 98 – Age doesn’t matter, it is will power

Those who have strong will power and passion, age and other physical deficiency don’t matter. Old age doesn’t mean that we should suppress our wishes or surrender. Rather, in the old age, a person becomes more passionate towards life. This following example shows this.

This is the story of Rajkumar Vaishya of Patna, Bihar. He did his MA from Nalanda University. He was awarded the Degree by the Bihar Governor Satyapal Malik in the convocation ceremony. He did his Masters in Economy. Vaishya had completed his degree with Second degree. He had come to receive the degree on wheel chair.

Vaishya was born on 1920 at Bareily in UP. He had completed his graduation from Agra University in 1938. After that he did his graduation in law. He had great love for education. Then he got a job that prevented him from doing Post Graduation.

Then he tried his best to continue his studies. However, family burdens did not allow that. When he saw that children were well settled, he thought of pursuing his dream.

His in this effort, his son and daughter-in-law helped a lot. Readers must know that both son and daughter-in-law were professors. Now both of them are retired.

His son said that they knew wish of his father. They supported him in his this mission. It was not an easy task for Vaishya to clear PG. He worked very hard for fulfilling his dream. It is an historic day.

Vaishya also expressed his pleasure after receiving the degree. He said that this act of his will motivate others of his age to do what they wanted to do but couldn’t do.

His life has become a source of inspiration not only for the oldsters but for youngsters as well. His story shows that nothing can stop you from doing anything if you have passion.

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