HTET 23rd Dec PGT Answer Key – Solution 2017

HBSE has conducted Haryana TET ( HTET) for Post Graduation on 23rd of December 2017. According to most of the candidates, it was not a simple test. They faced most of the problem in specific portion. Even there was difficulty in some General Portion like Reasoning and English. The paper took place at various examination centres.

We are trying to solve some of 23rd December 2017 PGT HTET. So here is the solution/ answer key of this paper. One of the examinees Supriya has sent us the question papers along with the solution. We thank her for this favor.

PGT HTET Solution 2017 –

Mango Fair in Haryana …

Answer – In Pinjore

District where Yamuna does not flow –

Answer – Kurukhetra

No. of athletes from Haryana who won medals at 2016 Summer Paralympic ?

Answer – Two

Correct form  of Indirect Speech –

Answer – Father told me to let the child play in the garden.

Correct articles in the blanks –

the, a

Give one word substitution of – A Post without remuneration

Answer – Honorary

Correct form of option –

Answer – There has been a significant decline ….

What is Novel in the expression Novel schemes ?

Answer – Adjective

What is – when it started raining ..

Answer – Adverbial clause of time

Correct sentence from grammatical point of view ?

Answer – New houses have been built for the homeless.

A rubber ball falls on a floor …

Answer – 9.8 m

he displacement ” y” of particle ….

Answer = Two

Starting from her home, Savita traveled 8 m towards …

Answer – Later

Not negative reinforcement ..

Answer – It never increases desirable behaviour.

You greet your parents every morning ….

Answer – Learning by insight

The application of an aversive stimulus …

Answer – Negative re-enforcement

WE shall provide you more solution / answer key of PGT Exam very soon. If you have more questions and their answers you can send us via comment box below. If you find any error in the solved paper above, you can tell us. Surely we shall solve it.

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