Meritorious Candidates from Reserved Categories can be included in General Categories

There is always suspense about meritorious candidates from the reserved categories to get jobs in General Categories. Now Punjab and Haryana High Court has cleared the point. The point is that the candidates from the reserved candidates have the right to be included in the General Candidates’ List.

The High Court has given this decision regarding Clerk Recruitment in Punjab. The court said that the concerned department must prepare a list of successful candidates from the General Candidates. It means the court has ordered to prepare the list anew for the 1192 clerk posts.

The High Court has given the verdict. The order is that the candidates who have obtained better marks from the reserved categories must get chance to be the part of General List. Only then the list from the Reserved Category must be prepared.

There was the petition in the court advocating the right of the candidates from the Reserved Candidates who have performed better than their counterparts in General Candidates must be part of the list for the latter category. Punjab Govt has released advertisement for various 1192 posts of clerks in various departments in the state.

The petitioner had given the point that last candidate in the merit list had obtained 47.54 marks. In the B.C Category it was 54.25. According to the petitioner, the B.C candidate must have got the priority in the Merit List.

Defending its stand, the state govt had said that it is obligatory for every candidate to mention his/her name in the application form. He/She can’t claim to get job in another category. The petitioner said that the finalization of the merit list of general category must be according to the merit of the candidates, not according to the category.

So the candidates of the Reserved category must get jobs in general and non-general categories according to their performance. The decision of the court is for the petitioners only and for expenditures. It has ordered the state to pay them Rs 25,000 each.

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