Punjab & Haryana High Court 26th March 2017 Clerk Paper with Solution Key

Check Chandigarh HC Clerk Written Exam with Set wise Answer key.

Here on this page, we are solving the Punjab and Haryana High Court 26/03/2017 Question Paper with Complete Solution. The paper contained GK, Current Affairs, and English. The nature of the questions was average. From the questions especially from GK, it was clear, there was the requirement of proper preparation.

Q. What information does Red Data Book” Contain ?

Answer – Rare Plants and animal under threat

Q. AGMARK stands for ….

Answer – Quality

Q. Who was R.K. Laxman ?

Answer – A Cartoonist

Q. Who was the First Recipient of Bhart Ratan Award ?

Answer – C.V. Raman

Q. Which of the following Books is Not by JL Nehru ?

Answer – My experiments with Truth. It’s by MK Gandhi

Q. Which game does Thomas Cup belong to ?

Answer – Badminton

Q. The Book Question & Answer on which the movie Slumdog Millionaire is based written by —

Answer – Vikas Swarup

Q. Name the first Test Centurion in Indian Cricket ?

Answer – Lala Amarnath

Q. Which is the highest title in Judo ?

Answer – Black Belt

P and H High Court General Knowledge Question Paper with Answer Key

Q. Of whose centenary is the name of train Shatabdi Express linked ?

Answer – J.L Nehru

Q. Which city of India is famous for embroidery form of  Chikankari ?

Answer – Lucknow

Q. A thing of beauty is a joy forever – this line belongs to the following poet ?

Answer – John Keats

Q. First fully solar powered Airport in the World is in ..

Answer – Cochin

Q. What is the Holy book of Parsis ?

Answer – Zend Avesta

Q. What factor decides the color of Stars ?

Answer – Temperature

Q. What is the Fourth State of Matter ?

Answer – Plasma

Q. Name the lenses in the specs used for viewing 3D film ?

Answer – Bifocal lens

Q. Vedic Name of river Ravi is …

Answer – Parushni

Q. Who is the only Indian Cricketer to have scored a triple century in test cricket after Virender Sehwag ?

Answer – Karun Nair

Q. First metal used by man …

Answer – Bronze

Q. Origin of Ayurveda ?

Answer – Atharava Veda

Q. Integrated chip developed by ?

Answer – J.S. Kilibi

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