In Rechecking, Board will recognize Higher Marks

Now there is no fear for the students who are thinking to undergo rechecking in their board classes. This time they can apply for rechecking without having any hesitation. Before that the students of board classes 10t and 12th classes had fears of losing marks if there are fewer marks after rechecking.

Fewer marks were the fate of the students. HBSE has changed its old policy. Now the students will not have to think about rechecking. If they get better marks, they will get better marks and if the marks are reduced, they will get their reduced marks.

This change will benefit thousands of students. It is quite common a large no. of students apply for rechecking after the annual exams of 10th and 12th classes. Most of the students don’t get expected marks. Sometimes, there is the error in counting of the marks and after rechecking, most of the students get benefits.

However, sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Instead of benefits, they face loss. Now the board has become liberal towards the students. This time the highest marks will be taken into consideration. Due to the old rule, the no. of students who were willing to apply for rechecking had started declining. With this new rule, the board will also be benefited. Now no. of students who wish to apply will increase. This will cause economic benefits for HBSE.

HBSE Chairman shared this news with the reporters.

So this is a great information for all the students of take exams under HBSE. All the students have welcomed this new rule of rechecking. The old rule was not in favor of the students. Board official knew this short-coming and that’s why they took this decision in favor of the students. Next year (
2018 ) we can view tremendous increase in the no of students who wish to apply for rechecking.
In a way, this is a good year gift for the students by the board.

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  1. Sir I want to recheck my papper

    • Yes, you can get your paper rechecked. Fill the form with the mention of the paper which want to get rechecked. Also contact of the clerks of your school.


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