A Report on Christmas Day , New Year Celebration in My School

This is a short report on Christmas Day and New Year Celebration in My/Our School. This report may also be very important from examinations’ point of view.

Christmas Day & New Year Celebration in My School

A Report

On 25th of December, our school celebrated both Christmas and New Year. To set a perfect example of secularism, we celebrated all the festivals in our school. The celebration had taken place in the school hall. The students had decorated the hall like a bride. There was the Christmas Tree decorated with lamps and toys and flowers in one corner of the hall. We had also decorated the stage with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year tags. We celebrated both the events ( Christmas Day and Welcoming of New Year ) together. It means double fun for us.

The Principal and the whole staff came. We welcomed them. First of all the Principal went to the stage and wished the students Merry Christmas. He also gave us wishes for the upcoming New Year. We were celebrating New Year that day because there was winter vacation from the next day.

Then cultural programmes started with the prayers to Almighty. Everybody prayed for the permanent existence of love and peace in this violent-torn world. The cultural items were both in English and Hindi. Some girls sang Christmas Carols. Then there were skits in English and Hindi with social messages.

There were songs and dances related with New Year also. Everybody enjoyed each and every item. Then our English teacher recited his self-written English poem on New Year. The poem had contained the message of love and unity and a wish for New Year. We also liked the poem.

At the end of the cultural programmes, all the students were allowed to dance on some Bollywood songs. There was also arrangement of food. We enjoyed delicious Christmas food. Again in the end we prayed for the welfare of human-beings. There was also a surprise element towards the end of the function. Santa Claus came and gave each student a chocolate. We all enjoyed the day very much.

Reported by :-

Rudra Gupta

12th Medical

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