Omission of Articles – Places where Articles are not used

So far we have done the use of articles in English. Now we shall do the omission of articles, means the places where we have not to use any article. Learn use of Articles from here.

No Use of Articles – Omission

1. Before the Proper Nouns –

e.g. Delhi is the capital of India.

2. Articles are not used before Languages –

e.g. English is very difficult to learn.

3. Before the names of the Subjects –

e.g. Mathematics is very interesting subject.

4. When the words such as Man, Woman, Humanity, Mankind etc are used in the wide sense –

e.g. Man is mortal.

5. When the words like Nature, Science, Death, Life etc are used in the General Sense –

e.g. Nature is a source of joy.

But The nature of Ram is good. Here nature means temperament.

6. Articles are not preceded by kind of, sort of, type of, variety of etc.

e.g. What sort of person are you ?

7. Before the name of the meals –

e.g. Have you taken dinner?

8. With By + means of transportation –

e.g. We shall go there by bus.

9. Before the names of Seasons –

e.g. We shall go there in winter.

10. Before the names of festivals and holidays –

e.g. He will come here on Diwali.

11. Before the names of the diseases –

e.g. He is suffering from disease.

12. Before the names of Days and Months –

e.g. He will come here on Sunday.

13. Before the names of Universities –

e.g. I am doing my graduation from KUK.

14. When the words like school, college, church, hospital, prison, temple etc are used for their primary purpose –

e.g Rudra goes to school daily.

It means Rudra is a student.

Rudra went to the school to meet his sister’s teacher.

Here Rudra is a guardian.

15. In the headlines of the newspapers, notices etc.

e.g. Ten people died in the accident.

16. Before a noun showing / expressing a deep meaning –

e.g. Man is mortal. ( Here man comes for all the human beings, for men, women, children, old people )

A man is standing outside. ( Here we are talking about a sex ( male ), not about a child or a woman.

17. We don’t use any article before the word ” God “

God is great.

Practice Set for Articles

So these are the positions where we don’t use Articles.

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