Practice Set For Use of Articles – Set 1

You must have read the rules of Articles ( A, An, The ) . We had covered those rules in our previous blog. If you haven’t read, you must read the Use of Articles from here. Now after covering the Rules of articles, we are preparing a Practice set for you. This Practice Set for Articles will provide you ample practice for the upcoming competitive exams. So get ready for the Practice Paper –

Articles Practice Set – 1

Fill in the blanks with appropriate Articles –

1.Mr Rudra Gupta is ———–S.P. in CISF whereas his sister Miss Kinjal is ————Lecturer.

2. ———cricket of Bihar is better than that of Odisha.

3. ———black and ———-white dog is mine.

4. ———black and ———–white dogs are ours.

5.  Mumbai is ————-Manchester of India.

6. ———poor are hated by ———–rich.

7. Do you play ———–cricket every day?

8. He hit me on ———head.

9. ————breakfast is ready for you.

10. ———–more you work hard, ————better result you will find.

Answers for blanks1. an and a 2. the 3. the and No article 4. the and the 5. the 6. the and the 7. No Article 8. the 9. No article 10. the and the

Articles with Common Errors

1.The English is spoken by English all over the world.

2. French is a beautiful race.

3. He went to an USA last week.

4. The man is mortal.

5. The secretary and poet are honored.

6. Moon is smaller than earth.

7. I will wait for you outside Taj.

8. Gita is my favorite philosophical book which I read daily.

9. Water in that pool is very sweet.

10. He is a boy who had won the award for honesty.

11. Water is essential for all creatures on this earth.

12. My mathematics is not strong.

13. Raju’s father went to his ………….school to pay his fees.

14. All …… boys are sleeping now.

15. ……….rose smells sweet ?

16. ———-Rose smells sweet.

17.He is ——– 2nd Newton of India.

18. He is ———-Newton of India.

Solution for Articles Practice Set 1-

1.English is spoken by the English

2. The French …..

3. the USA

4. Man

5. the poet

6. the moon / the earth

7. the Taj

8. The Gita

9. The water ( We don’t use any article before a material noun, but here we are talking about specific water. That’s why we have used The before that. )

10. the boy

11. the given sentence is correct

12. My mathematics are ….. ( Here mathematics doesn’t stand for a subject, it is for calculations )

13. No article

14. the

15. the

16. No article

17. The

18. The

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Note – If you disagree with any of the answers, please tell us.

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  4. In the last two corrections…i have some issues ..
    1. He is a Newton of India.
    Here, when we compare common noun with proper noun, we use either a or an.
    2. Virat kholi is the Sachin Tendulkar of India.
    Here,we compare proper noun with proper noun,we use the.

    Is it true /false?

    • It is not specified that we use only a and an article. we can also use the article before the noun when we use a common noun as proper noun. It depends on the sentence that what should we use among of three.

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  7. 12th sentence is correct, because subjects ending with ‘s’ take singular verb..

  8. There is a mistake in 11th questions second set:
    Let me tell u, water is an essential
    Pls do crt me if I’m wrong

    • It is a general sentence, in general sentence no art will be used

  9. In question 9 the water is wrong because it is a material noun and we can not use article before material noun

    • we can because here we are talking about specific water

    • the water is suitable here in this case as it implies to an specific idea. it is not about water found everywhere , but the water found there only.

    • Yes you are right we don't use "The" with material noun but here it is said that ….water in that pool is very tasty….so this makes the water specific.So when we talk about something specifically we use"The".
      For example – 1.The grass in that field is more greener.
      The water in that pond is so cold.,etc.
      Hope you understand

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