Use of Articles A, An,The – Remove Common Errors is trying to cover all the Topics of English Grammar for the Competitive Exams. After covering Prepositions, Narration, Tense and other  many topics, we are covering Articles now. The Articles are of two types – Definite and Indefinite. The

Practice Set For Use of Articles – Set 1

You must have read the rules of Articles ( A, An, The ) . We had covered those rules in our previous blog. If you haven’t read, you must read the Use of Articles from here. Now after covering the

Important Essays, Articles, Paragraphs, Reports for all Exams

Download English Articles, Short Speeches, Reports, Paragraphs  and Essays from this page below – Essays/ Articles are the essential parts of any of the subjective exams not only in India but outside as well. They are long compositions and can