Important Questions, Facts about Canadian Literature

Canadian Literature is not so old one. This is the new entrant. It got its new identity in 1920s and 1930s. But the Golden Era of Canadian Literature began after 1st and 2nd world wars. We are bringing some very important questions on this literature for the students of English Literature, examinees of NET, SET and other PGT Screening tests.

First of all we shall take about Canadian Poetry –

Chief Canadian Poets – F.R Scott, E.J Pratt, W.W.E Ross, Roymond Knister etc.

Important Questions on Canadian Poetry

Who is the poet of East of the City ?

Ans – Duddek

Harris’s Open Water is written in –

Ans – Modern Free verse

From where did Stephen Gill migrate to Canada ?

Ans – Pakistan

Stephen Gill’s famous poems are –

Ans – The Flowers of Thirst ( 1990), The Dove of Peace ( 1993), From Both Sides of the Ocean ( 1995).

With which work Margaret Avison came in to light ?

Ans – Winter Sun

Other famous poems of Margret Avison are –

Ans – May 18, 1965, Butterfly Bones, Apex Animal and The Swimmer’s Moment.

What does A.J. Smith’s poem Like An Old Proud King in A Parable contain ?

Ans – A parable of angry king and the problems he has to face as its consequences. The poet has also expressed his concern about Air Pollution.

Who is the poet of The Journal of Susanna Moodie ?

Ans – Margaret Atwood

Eli Mandel’s poems are – Fuscli Poems, Black and Secret Man, An Idiot Boy, Story Plain, Out of Place and Life Sentence.

Canadian Novels –

Canadian novels flourished during the middle of the 20th century. 2nd World War had the great impact on the fictional work of this country. Some of the Great Canadian Novelists are – Robert Kroetsch, Rudy Wiebe, Hugh Maclennan, Lawrence. The literature was marked by depression and horror of the 2nd World War.

Some of Canadian Novelists and their famous Novels –

Canadian Literature has the diasporic character with immigrants from England, France, India, China, Japan etc. So we see mixed cultures and cultural conflicts with modern problems in Canadian Novels.

Mordecai Richler – A Jewish Canadian Writer

Famous Novels – Son of A Smaller Hero, A Choice of Enemies, The Acrobats, Cocksure, Joshua Then and Now, St Urbain’s Horseman

Robert Kroetsch’s Famous Novels – What the Crow Said ( 1976), The Stardust Man ( 1970), Badlands ( 1975)

Who is known as the pioneer of the Feminist Movement in Canadian Literature ?

Ans – Margaret Lawrence

Margaret Lawrence famous Novels – The Stone Angel ( 1970), The Diviners ( 1975), The Fire Dwellers ( 1978), A Jest for God

Gail Scott’s Famous Novel – Heroine ( 1987)

Sharon Butala’s Famous work – In Country of the Heart

Alice Munro’s Novels are – What Do You Think You Are and Lives of Girls and Women

Margret Atwood’s Works are – Surface ( 1972), Lady Oracle ( 1979), The Edible Woman ( 1969). Bodily Harm ( 1981), Cat’s Eye( 1989)

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