Grammar Practice Set for 12th Students

Try English Grammar Practice Paper for 10+2 students of all boards – Solution is at the end of the questions

Grammar Practice Set –

Fill in the blanks the verbs

a. He ——– ( come ) here last week.

b. When he  ——– ( reach ) there, she was sleeping.

c. She ——— ( sleep ) after he ————( reach ) there.

d. What ———- you ————– ( do ) these days ?

Fill in the blanks with appropriate modals

a.———– you prosper in life !

b. She ——— like to go there.

c. Don’t go fast lest you ———- slip.

d. A great woman ———— live in the cottage in the past.

Change the voice of the following :-

a. Who has broken this glass ?

b. Rama killed a snake.

c. Why are you insulting him ?

d. Will he eat apples ?

Change the direct narration into indirect one :-

a. She said to me , ” You are my best friend.”

b. Ravi said to her, ” Please help me out.”

c. The master said to his servant, ” Go and bring me a glass of water.”

d. The teacher said to the students,” When the principal had come, you were making a noise.”

Solution of the Above sentences

a. came b. reached c. slept, had reached d. are you doing

a. May b. Would c. Should d. Would/ Used to

a. By whom has this glass been broken ?

b. A snake was killed by Rama.

c. Why is he being insulted by you ?

d. Will apples be eaten by him ?

a. She told me that I was her best friend.

b. Ravi requested her to help him out.

c. The master ordered his servant to go and bring him/ her a glass of water.

d. The teacher told the students that when the principal had come, they were making a noise. or they were making a noise when the principal had come.

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