Very Short/ Objective Type Questions from The Third Level

Prepare objective type or very short questions from the story The Third Level by Jack Finney – Based On NCERT pattern for 12th class students – Vistas

Q. Who has written the story The Third Level ?

Answer – Jack Finney

Q. Who is the main character of the story ?

Answer – Charley

Q. Name Charley’s friend :-

Answer – Sam Weiner

Q. Who was Charley’s wife ?

Answer – Louisa

Q. Where does Charley reach ?

Answer – Third Level

Q. Which time does he reach ?

Answer – 1890s, in 1894

Q. What is the name of the station ?

Answer – Grand Central Station

Q. What is the name of newspaper he found at the 3rd Level ?

Answer – The World

Q. How much money does Charley get ?

Answer – Exchange of dollars three hundred. He got only less than 200 dollars of the old currency.

Q. Where did Charley want to visit in the 3rd Level ?

Answer – Galesburg

Q. Who would live in Galesburg ?

Answer – His grandfather

Q. Who had written the letter to Charley ?

Answer – His psychiatrist friend, Sam

Q. What was the date on the letter ?

Answer – 18th July, 1894

Q. What was Charley’s hobby ?

Answer – Stamp Collecting

Q. For how many tickets did Charley ask the clerk in 1894 ?

Answer – Two

Q. What type of paper is the in the envelope in the first-day cover ?

Answer – Blank

Q. What did the men of 3rd level have ?

Answer – Beards, side whiskers and fancy mustaches

Q. Did Charley and his wife find 3rd Level again ?

Answer – No

Q. How much money according to Charley, Sam had taken in the 3rd Level ?

Answer –  800 dollars

Q. What work does Sam want to do in the past ?

Answer – Hay, feed and grain business

For such objective type or very short questions and their answers keep coming on this website. We shall update this post for more questions. The very short questions may be used as MCQs. If you want us to add more questions or should you want us to add questions you have found out from the story we will add them.

Best wishes for your exams.


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