Questions from The Third Level by Jack Finney

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Question 1. How does Charley reach the third level ?

Answer–  One day, Charley was late at his office. He wanted to hurry home. Charley  decided to take the subway from the Grand Central Station. He was to catch his train from the second level. But when he reached there, he got lost in a wrong corridor ( गलियारा ).

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He kept on walking along the corridor. At its end, he went down a short flight of stairs ( सीढियाँ ). When he came out, he found himself on the third level. Here Charley saw that everything was different. Here the room were smaller. There were fewer ticket windows. on the floor, there were brass spittoons ( कांसे का थूकदान ).

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Everyone in the station was dressed like 1890. When he went to the ticket window, he found that only old- style bills were accepted here. Charley had with him new- style bills only. So he had to return.

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Question 2. What does the third level refer to ? Do you think the third level was a medium of escape for Charley ? Why ?

Answer – It is impossible for two different periods of history to be at the same time. In this story, we find the 19th century and the modern century existing side by side. The Grand Central Station has two levels.

There is also  a third level where the old currency of 1890 is used. Jack Finney, the writer, has tried to weave fantasy/imagination ( कल्पना ) with reality. The third level is only a fantasy that exists in Charley’s mind only. It is his escapist fantasy.

His psychiatrist ( मनोवैज्ञानिक ) friend, Sam, is in the third level. Charley’s visit to the third level is all a fantasy. He takes it for a reality and plans a journey to Galesburg ( a city in the USA ). He even exchanges his new bills/notes of three hundred dollars for old- style bills.

But, he is never again able to find the third level. It is because the third level has existed in his fantasy ( imagination ) only. So we can say that the third level was a medium of escape ( पलायन ) for Charley. It was only his escapist imagination.

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