A Thing of Beauty by John Keats - Very Short Objective Type Questions

Prepare very short questions/ objective type questions with answers from A Thing of Beauty - Poet John Keats from Flamingo for 12th Class students based on NCERT

Thing of Beauty

Q. Who is the poet of the poem " A Thing of Beauty " ?

Answer - John Keats

Q. What is the life term of John Keats ?

Answer - 1795-1821

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Q. Who was John Keats ?

Answer - British Romantic poet

Q. What course was he doing when he became a poet ?

Answer - Surgery

Q. From which book has the poem A Thing of Beauty taken from ?

Answer - From John Keats' longer poem Endymion : A Poetic Romance

Q. Who is Endymion ?

Answer - A beautiful young shepherd and poet

Q. Where does he live ?

Answer - Mt. Latmos

Q. Whom does he see in his vision ?

Answer - Cynthia

Q. Who was Cynthia ?

Answer - Moon Goddess

Q. What is a thing of beauty ?

Answer - A joy forever

Q. What happens to its loveliness ?

Answer - It increases

Q. What do the beautiful things do ?

Answer - They remove the sadness

Q. What are the beautiful things ?

Answer - The sun, the moon, trees, daffodils, streams, death, stories, books, rain etc.

Q. What is the meaning of Heaven ?

Answer - Sky

Q. What is meaning of the word brink ?

Answer - Edge

Q. What is meaning of immortal drink ?

Answer - Rain

Q. Green world refers to .....

Answer - Jungle ( Forest )

Q. How does the sleep of a person when he sees things of beauty ?

Answer - A sleep full of dreams

Q. What do the things of beauty do to our health and breathing ?

Answer - They give us good health and quiet breathing

Q. What is it that binds us to nature ?

Answer - A flowery garland

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