Avoid These Things in Board Exams – Check Don’ts

Board Exams are about to begin in most of the states and in some states they have already begun. So this is the time of great anxiety for all the students. During the exam, the students must take care of so many things. They must avoid some stupidity also to hoodwink the checkers. Read some of the things that students must avoid while taking Board Exams –

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Don’ts for Board Examinees –

1. Don’t think that you are taking the exam for deceiving the paper checkers. You can’t. Some students are of the habit of doing over-attempt thinking that they would get marks by throwing dust into the eyes of the checkers. It is not possible as the system is such that these OAs ( Over Attempts ) are easily found out.

Secondly such efforts cause anger among the checkers and instead they would certainly deduct your marks. Some examinees who don’t know the answers, put some content from the passages given the question papers in the answers of some of the questions thinking that they may get some marks.

It is also the wrong thinking. Such attempt create wrong impression upon the paper checkers.

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2. Don’t give the comments like – Sir Please pass me… I couldn’t do studies due to may illness, if I don’t pass my career will end …. I will commit suicide if I fail … so and so. Such foolish attempts create negative image of yours upon the paper checker.

3. Don’t take to wrong means such as copying etc in the exam. Success based on such wrong efforts can’t give you satisfaction and joy. Chance is that you get caught by the Board Flying Squads and face strict action.

4. Avoid cuttings in the paper. Make sure that your paper is neat and clean.

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