How to remove Exam Pressure – Some Useful Tips

Enjoy Exam Time following tips – Avoid/ remove Stress that time

Exam time – time of strain and continuous hard work. Hard work round the clock without rest and entertainment. Quite boring, but can’t leave studies. Parents’ emotional burden for getting better marks because Tinku had passed with distinctions in the board exam. You are expected to outshine Tinku.

How to Cope Exam Pressure

This is the matter of prestigious issue. Teachers want to you get better marks as they have to present their own reports to the principals or Govt ( in case they are govt employees) or management ( private school teachers).

If the result is not good, they will be held accountable for the poor results whether the students were interested or not, whether they attended classes or not, the whole responsibility shall be of teachers.

Even the increment of the private teachers will be withheld with the immediate effect. So the teachers pass this pressure on to the students. Now the scapegoats are  the students. So we are providing some tips that can relieve them from this tremendous pressure.

Effective Tips to remove Exam Stress/ Pressure

Fix time for studies –

Don’t study by fits and starts. Fix your time and study as per that. Divide your time between studies and rest. Rest is also must during studies.

Don’t be crazy about marks

Don’t put yourself in to blind competition of marks. Marks are necessary but they are not everything. Your knowledge is more important.

Take light walks in the midst

In the midst of your studies take light walks. It will help you relaxed your mind and keep you healthy.

Don’t consume tea or coffee, take healthy diet/ Sleep / Do Yoga –

They are like intoxicants. Don’t use them. Rather take milk or juice for energy. Drink much water. Take salad in your diet. Have proper sleep. Do light yoga.

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Do more and more written work –

Whatever you prepare must be written down. Writing makes you perfect, always remember this axiom. It will help your avoiding your spelling and grammatical mistakes and you shall be able to keep the matter in your mind for longer.

Time for revision –

Last hours are spared for revision. Don’t prepare anything new. It may disturb your preparation. If you get exhausted listen to songs and good jokes. Such things will keep your mind refresh. We hope such tips may help you avoid extreme stress during exam time.

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