Failure is the stepping stone to Success – It Applies Everywhere

A brief Speech/ Essay on Failure is the stepping stone to Success 

Why have we chosen this topic? Is there any reason behind picking this topic ? Yes, there is the reason. These are the days of exam results – board results, Recruitment Results, Entrance test results etc. Students may taste both failures and successes in these exams. Some students can’t cope the situation and face tremendous pressure and may undergo nervous breakdown that may lead to some extreme steps. We read about such incidents a lot.

So it is necessary to make them understand that failures are not the end of life. Rather they are the stepping stones to success in one’s life. Is there any one who hasn’t faced failures in life ? Whose life hasn’t been full of ups and downs? Albert Einstein, a noted scientist, could not justified with himself as a student. He was a below average student and even once was expelled from the school for not doing good in studies. Later it was he who invented thousands of inventions.

Abraham Lincoln, the USA President, whose quotation – Democracy, by the people, for the people and of the people is uttered by all the democracy lovers in the whole world – had tasted the failures many times in his life before he rose to the highest post of the USA.

Amitabh Bachchan, a mega superstar, is also not exception. When he came to Bollywood, he was ignored by everyone for his poor appearance. He didn’t lose heart. In the beginning he did the cameo role as one in Anand, but he was observed for his talent and he became the Mega superstar of India.

Failure is the stepping stone to Success

History is replete with such stories of the people who didn’t yield to the initial failures and moved on till they reached their final destination.

Second, if any of the students is not doing good at studies, it doesn’t mean that he/she can’t do anything meaningful in life. Education is not the only criteria to judge one’s intelligence and capability. Most of the sports-persons  like Sachin Tendulkar couldn’t focus on their studies but proved more than expected. They made such reputations for themselves that an educated man pines for.

So learn from your failures. Learn where you were wrong and how you can correct yourself to get the sure success. Failure is not bad but not learning from the failures is bad. So don’t take failures at heart but learn to fight from them.

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